Guatemala Concepcion Pixcaya

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Finca Concepcion Pixcayá was founded in 1926 by Sr. Carlos Mirón Armas and Sra. Maria Muñoz de Mirón. The farm’s current owner, Sr. Manuel Zaghi Mirón is the fourth generation of his family to work this land, and he maintains the farm in pristine condition with the help of his mother, Maria Mirón de Zaghi.

The farm itself is mid-sized, covering around 150 hectares; however, the area under coffee only extends across just over 22 hectares at a prime coffee-growing altitude of 1,900 metres on average. The rest of the land is devoted to macadamia nut farming, which is the farm’s primary agricultural product and covers just over 51 hectares. The rest of the land is kept under forest cover as conservation area. The combination of soil, climate and altitude make for amazing coffee producing land, as evidenced by the farm’s performance at the Guatemala Cup of Excellence competition, in which they have placed no fewer than four times!

Our full city roast brings dark milk chocolate, hazelnut, and sweet cream in the cup.

Producer  Manuel Zaghi Mirón and Maria Mirón de Zaghi

Farm Finca Concepción Pixcaya

Variety  Bourbon, Caturra

Region  Antigua, Sacatepéquez,  Guatemala

Altitude 1700-1890meters

Process Fully Washed