Brown Bear Melange (aka “Kyle’s Blend”)

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A collaborative blend with honorary Walla Wallan and long time Roastery supporter Kyle MacLachlan. Some of the richest coffee’s from three different continents (Africa, Indonesia, and Central America) come together in multiple roast grades to form a chocolaty, slightly smoky mélange. In conjunction with Kyle’s Walla Walla winemaking endeavor---“...Pursued By Bear” wines. 

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    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2020

    Love, love, love this coffee. I wish they were closer.

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    Posted by Sara Ohlhauser on Feb 11th 2020

    Damn good cup of coffee. Kyle does not exaggerate. Medium dark blend for higher caffeine. Made for enjoying, not chugging. Very satisfying.

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    Amazing coffee

    Posted by Mike Price on Jan 16th 2020

    I was skeptical. I’m a cynical, jaded old fart and I expected something decent- if only because Kyle McLaughlin lends his name to it and I believe he doesn’t really need to back anything he doesn’t genuinely believe in. I trust Agent Cooper. When I tried this, I was completely unprepared. This is really, really good coffee. Try to visualize all the complaints you’ve had about other coffee- bitterness, oily, burnt taste...this is a coffee that has none of those. The shortcomings of other coffees stand nude and ashamed while cowering in the shadow of this clearly superior work of art. Without hyperbole, this tastes like the coffee you describe when you imagine a perfect cup. Thank you Walla Walla Roastery, for gracing us mortals with the coffee of Gods.

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    The best coffee I've ever had

    Posted by Timothy on Jan 16th 2020

    I'm not really a coffee connoisseur, but I can confortably say that Brown Bear Melange is the best tasting coffee I have ever had. Usually I like to put Irish Creme in my coffee; however, I absolutely refuse to add anything to this blend. I feel like it would be insulting.

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    Pursued By Bear

    Posted by Elizabeth Roberts on Jan 15th 2020

    Terrific flavor! Smooth, rich and delicious.

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    Brown Bear Melange

    Posted by Matt Millner on Jan 11th 2020

    I drink my coffee black and this is a great blend that has taste regardless of how you prefer brewing. Give it a try

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    Posted by Helen durant on Dec 20th 2019

    As these were gifts, ive nothad theopportunity to taste !but i admit, i love the packaging andart onthe bag! I lookfirwardvto getting some pursued by bear coffee for myself Soon!

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    Great coffee

    Posted by Toni Lehmann on Dec 12th 2019

    Smooth and not bitter tasting. I have never been a coffee drinker till I tasted this brand. Outstanding!!

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    Where's the bitterness??

    Posted by Kathy on Dec 12th 2019

    I LOVE this coffee, smooth with lots of flavor!

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    It is the best coffee I have tasted! This Kyle Blend is remarkable, so smooth, flavorful, totally, aromatic from when you get the package and it doesn't have that bad aftertaste that you get from other coffees. I am so picky about my coffee and I thi

    Posted by Brenda McEwen on Dec 7th 2019

    Simply, the best coffee!