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Peru Finca La Encañada

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Trudging through shin deep red mud in the Rioja Mountains of the San Martin Region of Peru one will emerge into the stunning vista that is Finca La Encañada. Owned by Dionicio Aguilar it is a truly remarkable small family owned coffee farm. 

Dionicio’s father bought the farm in the 1970’s. And his mother currently lives there, along with a pulsing flock of various fowl—chickens and ducks, mostly—, some farm dogs, and various full time farm employees. Brimming with life, Dionicio's infectious personality has been imbued on this remarkable far corner of the coffee world.

Finca La Encañada is bordered by the beautiful Tonchima River and has 12 hectares planted to coffee. Dionicio also has a still for aguardiente (sugar cane liqueur), and an experimental farm for varieties native to the area.

Our City Roast brings out lush, ripe pear notes intermingled with hazelnut, macadamia, and sugarcane.

Grower Finca La Encañada; Dionicio Aguilar


Region Yorongos, Rioja Province, San Martin Region


Altitude 1700-1900 Meters

Variety Caturra Rojo (Red Caturra), Pache, Typica

Process Washed Process