Bali Organic Kintamani Natural

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A truly unique coffee coming from the northern region of the volcanic island of Bali in the Indonesian Archipelago. While it exhibits the strong, earthy backbone characteristic of many Indonesian coffees, the natural process lends a delicate sweetness resulting in a wildly complex array of flavors that defy description.

A City Roast brings strawberry tartness layered with bakers chocolate and hazelnut that taunt the palate in this shifting, exotic cup.

Grower Subak Avian Cooperative

Region Kintamani Highlands, Bali, Indonesia

Variety Bourbon, Typica

Altitude 1300-1700 Meters

(Rain Forest Alliance Certified)

We are pleased to announce that our Bali Organic Kintamani Natural won a Silver Medal at the prestigious Golden Bean North America 2018 Roasters Competition in the "Organic Espresso" category.