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When the Ordoñez-Montenegro family purchased land in Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala for coffee production in June 2014, they did so in order to strategically leverage a microclimate and soil that's perfect for coffee cultivation. The children had pet rabbits, and these pets were sent to the new farm. Every weekend the kids would say, "Let's visit the rabbits!", and thus the farm was given its name - Los Conejos. The farm sits amidst an old growth pine forest with a great variety of other shade trees including cypress and encino oaks, and fruit trees such as orange,lemon, loquat, jocote, pacaya, banana, and platano rojo.

Each year since the first production, lots produced at Los Conejos have performed very well in regional competitions winning many awards. This initial success inspired the family to invest deeply in more production utilizing more coffee varietals. Our offering comes from  one of these newer endeavors in the Catisic varietal. The coffee production utilized was the "full Natural" process. Cherry picking is determined with the use of brix refractometers.Then the perfectly ripe cherries are carefully placed in oxygen-free tanks for 48 hours. Following this, the entire fruit is meticulously spread on African beds for a duration of around 15-20 days, undergoing regular rotations to ensure consistent drying. As the sun gently dries the fruit, its sweetness goes into the beans imparting huge body and nuanced fruit flavors.

Fans of the Natural Process will enjoy this complex yet very approachable coffee. Our City Roast brings out notes of sweet cherry tobacco and fully ripe sweet gold tomatoe against a warm toffee like background.

Grower Julio Ordoñez, Finca Los Conejos

Region Santa Rosa de Lima, Antigua

Altitude 1500-1670 Meters

Variety Catisic

Process Natural

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    Almost As Good as Being in Guatemala.

    Posted by Jean-Marie Simon on Feb 20th 2024

    When our Guatemala coffee distributor could no longer export this year, we tried Walla Walla on the suggestion of a friend, a fellow coffee fanatic. I wasn't expecting much, but WW coffee, particularly the Los Conejos/Guatemala medium, is right up there with the stuff at Fernando's Kaffee in Antigua. Moreover, WW's website is easy to use and they ship via two-day USPS deliver. Highly recommended.