Ethiopia Natural Wush Wush

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Approximately 2500 smallholder farmers from the surrounding area bring their cherries to Dinkalem Ademe’s washing station. There is a sign above the gate that says, “GENALEM GEWYERO”– GOD IS GOOD”--a motto for he and his dynamic wife, Sofiya. Together they are an inspiring couple dedicated to helping their communities in every way.

The outgrowers in the Ginbo district are smallholders, aka “garden farmers.” So called because most of them are producing coffee in the “garden” areas around their homes, and often harvesting cherries from coffee occurring naturally on the land where they live. They also have a robust outgrower’s program that brings economic advantages to their neighbors and friends.

This full natural process coffee is dried on raised beds (see photos) in the traditional Ethiopian manner. Our City Roast brings out guava jam co-mingled with more subtle grape koolaid notes.

Grower Smallholder Farmers

Region Wush Wush, Ginbo District, Keffa Zone, Ethiopia


Altitude 1850-1950 Meters


Variety 75/210 and 74/212, smaller quantities of 74/110

and 74/165 and local Landrace varieties, naturally
adapted from the Wush Wush variety

Process Full Natural


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    Kent FitzGerald

    Posted by Kent W FitzGerald on Mar 6th 2023

    Lovely coffee, fun descriptor, but please bring back Bedhatu.